Agile Marketing Class in DC

Last week we had our first in-person Agile Marketing Boot Camp of 2014 in Washington DC!  Nothing like getting a year of travel off to a good start with a trip to our nation’s capital.  We had a great group of students, and surprisingly they all traveled to DC just for this class.  We have dates scheduled around the country throughout 2014 so it just goes to show how motivated people are to start trying new things in 2014!

This time we had a company send their entire marketing team, including management.  It really is a great way to get more bang-for-your-buck when you send a sizable portion of your team.  Besides being able to brainstorm with each other using your own real-world examples during in-class exercises, you also have a group of people who are already aligned and prepped with the same knowledge to hit the ground running when you get back to the office.  Better still – skip the travel and just have US come to YOU.  Online, public class, or private class – if you want to learn Agile Marketing, we want to see you in one of our classes asap!

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