Agile Marketing Virtual Class – The Polar Vortex

We had a great January virtual class for Agile Marketing Boot Camp!  One of the nice things about virtual classes is that you can avoid weather-related hassles.  And in this case, we had students from all around the country and we all had two things in common:

  1. Inspiration to continually improve our marketing skills.
  2. Really, really, really cold weather.

I was also initially surprised at how much the class knew about Newsjacking – the art/science of inserting your content into a breaking news cycle.  While we all had fun groaning at the bad examples of Newsjacking in class, I was impressed by how well some students’ companies were already doing it.  These were businesses in fairly conservative (e.g. buttoned-down) industries, and yet they were “old pros” at a really new marketing tactic.  When we talked about their strategies, it became clear why it made sense for them.  I won’t discuss the details here, but suffice it to say they used this cutting-edge tactic to deliver appropriately “buttoned-down” content.

Just an example of the interesting stuff we all learn in class – students and instructors alike!

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