Chris Barron

Prior to founding Huruda Inc., Chris Barron was a Product Management and Product Marketing veteran in Silicon Valley.  His career spans a wide range of businesses from a boutique artificial intelligence firm to the likes of Oracle, Yahoo! and VMware – three of the largest software companies in the world. It also spans diverse technologies from the old days of floppy disks to multi-platform enterprise applications and SaaS offerings running in the cloud.

Chris possesses deep experience in bringing ideas to market and managing product life-cycles.  And if you’re struggling with concepts like Product-Centric Design, Lean, Agile, Kanban, or whatever else, he has a particular talent for distilling chaos into clarity, enabling people to connect theory with practice and to see a path forward.

Since founding Huruda in 2013, he has worked with clients in a range of industries including finance, industrial power management, manufacturing, telecommunications, insurance, and advertising.  Contact us today, and we look forward to learning about you.


Email: chris.barron@huruda.com