Finding Great Agile Marketing Training

You know what Agile Marketing means, maybe even tried it on your own, and now you’re tempted to get some real training.  Problem is what training class should you take?

If you Google “agile marketing training” you will get a wide variety of options (YMMV based on location), typically including software-focused Scrum certification classes, generic agile overview classes, and if you’re lucky maybe some specifically for Agile Marketing.

Here’s why you should really opt for a dedicated Agile Marketing class AND what to look for in a good one.

Why Generic Agile Overviews Don’t Cut It

There’s nothing wrong with these classes but they’re typically intended to provide people with awareness, help inspire a mind-shift, and generate a desire to do something different.  In reality you can find very helpful Agile Marketing overviews online for free.  The downside of a basic overview course is they’re not meant to train people to the point of putting concepts like Agile Marketing into practice.  Simply put, if you’re reading this, you probably don’t need an overview but more advanced direction and hands-on practice.

Why Software-Focused Agile Training Doesn’t Work for Marketing

I have trained both Agile software and marketing teams for years.  And I’ve had many Agile Marketing students give me a compliment I’m not sure how to take – “your class was SO much better than the last one I took”.  Now, try not to be overwhelmed by my stunning humility and stick with me!  When I’d ask what was different, I heard the same thing over and over– their previous class was for software teams and was taught by people who only have experience with software teams.

It should be obvious that marketing is a different animal.  While technology increasingly overlaps between the two, they serve very different business needs and involve very different activities and skill sets. And even when they face the same challenges like adapting to change, it’s for different reasons.

Despite misgivings, many marketing folks are lured in by a promise that it’ll be easy to translate the material to their domain.  But by about the third time you ask the instructor “but how does this apply to me?”, it sinks in that this is gonna be a big fail boat.

Getting Great Agile Marketing Training

The formula for great Agile Marketing training consists of three simple parts:

Deficiency with any of single component directly affects what people get from the training. So, let’s explore each one a little more and point out what to look for.

#1 – Tailored Agile Marketing Material

Agile Marketing comes from its own grassroots movement, with its own thought-leaders, and with its own commonly-accepted tools and practices.  The training material should absolutely cover those, and if you look at an outline of the training class, it should not look identical to an Agile software training class.

Also, it is extremely important that the exercises and examples relate directly to actual work being done by marketing.  The closer it is to your reality, the easier it will be to understand and apply what you learn in the training.

#2 – Expertise in Applying Agile and Lean Concepts

Pretty much anybody can get a certification in Scrum, Kanban, or a dozen other Agile/Lean buzzwords in a day. However, these conceptual topics deliver zero benefit until applied to actual situations.  Deep and varied experience is essential here.  While certifications are nice, look for training led by people with a lot of experience and with diversity in both their methods and the domains where they’ve applied them.

#3 – Broad Marketing Experience

With the ever-increasing changes in tools and tactics, nobody in marketing can truly claim to have done it all.  And a trainer with deep experience in your specific part of the marketing universe will obviously be able to connect the training with you at a meaningful level.  But, it definitely helps to learn from people who are able to connect the dots for others whether they’re in PR, social media, inbound marketing, agencies – wherever their specific area of knowledge lies .  While you may only be interested in Agile Marketing for your events management team, for example, you might benefit from a trainer who can also point out how that other parts of your marketing organization or other departments of your company can interface.

Where to Find Great Agile Marketing Training

Right here! You won’t be surprised to learn that Huruda offers our fantastic Hana Agile Marketing training class right here in Minneapolis on August 20th and 21st.  A limited number of early-bird tickets are available.  In addition, readers of this fabulous blog post can use the promo code ILUVHURUDA for an additional 10% off!

If you can’t make it to our class, there are other excellent options from Andrea Fryrear and her company AgileSherpas and from Jim Ewel, one of the founders of the Agile Marketing movement.

Remember, good marketing friends don’t let other marketing friends sign-up for bad Agile software training.  Stay safe out there!

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