It’s PdM!!!

Does this sound familiar?

“What do you do?”

“I’m a Product Manager.”

“Oh, cool.  My neighbor is a Project Manager too.”

“No, not a Project Manager – I’m a Prah-DUCT Manager.”

“Oh…  Is that, like, the same thing as a Program Manager too?”

“THUD!  THUD! THUD!” <– The sound of your head pounding against a brick wall.

What’s worse is that Product Managers have traditionally used the PM abbreviation.  And that almost always gets confused with Project and Program Managers who also use that same abbreviation (and outnumber Product Managers by at least 100-fold).

So here’s what I’ve started to use instead:


I’ve been using that for a little while and when I used PdM in my presentation at ProductCamp MN recently, a lot of people said they really liked that abbreviation and they’re going to start using it too.  Why?  Because everyone was nodding when I explained how annoying it is to constantly have people mix up job titles.

This post is my blatant attempt to brainwash, errr, convince more people to use it too.

PdM, PdM, PdM, PdM, PdM, PdM, PdM, PdM, PdM, PdM, PdM, PdM, PdM, PdM, PdM, PdM… just keep repeating it until you attain enlightenment.

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